Gadget withdrawal abated

I haven’t bought a new gadget for myself in about 2 years. (I know. Shocking, isn’t it?) The last one was my Treo 700wx. I’ve been hearing about netbooks for a long time, but I haven’t really been too interested until the last few weeks. And Friday night, Matt bought me one. After playing around with it, getting it set up and using it for a couple of days, I can definitely say I like it.

We got the Acer Aspire One in navy blue, which is a nice change from black or grey gadgets, though I have to say I’m dying to get something that’s red - particularly if it’s the Sony eReader. I don’t know why, but the red stuff really appeals to me.

I was ready to return my netbook yesterday because it was slow to the point that I’d click on a link, then go do something that didn’t require Internet for about 5-10 minutes until the page loaded. That worried me. Then I figured out that this slowness didn’t happen when it was plugged in to the power adaptor…thus, I turned power save mode off on the wireless adaptor. Problem solved. (I know, I know - my battery life may turn to crap, but I least I don’t want to throw my netbook out the window anymore.)

It’s been a good few days for me, electronically speaking. Today I managed to get a second monitor back in my workstation and whew…it’s such a relief. I’ve really been missing that the last two months. Once you get used to two, it’s hard to go back to having only one. And I really LOVE Ultramon. If you’re using two monitors, get Ultramon! It’s so inexpensive and a huge timesaver.